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Default PT twice a week too much?

my hair seems to LOOOOVE the GVP K-pak. I have done it twice now on Saturday after I lo-poo. My hair always looks ah-may-zing on Sat....as well into the begining of the week. it starts to fizzle a bit on Wed. I co-wash M/W/F after my run then lo-poo on Sat.

Can I PT on Wed too? Or would that be too much?? My hair is very thin and pretty stretchy when I do the wet hair stretch test.

what do you think? Give it a shot? See what happens? What if I over-protein? What will happen?
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I use products marketed as PTs for my RO every day (CJ Repair Me, ION Effective Care, etc). Feel free to go for it

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My hair Medium/fine hair responds well to protein too....in the right amount.
While trying to figure out what was the right amount for me...I over did it with the protein. My hair felt like straw....dried out straw. What wave I had was all but gone.
I recovered by laying off the protein for a while and using lots of moisturizing products.... DT, leave ins etc. My hair does look fine now. But I limit my PT treatments to 2x's/month.
You may need more or less. If you do go overboard with the protein, your hair can recover.
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