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Hey all. I am so glad for these posts. I am using Tresemme Naturals Aloe Vera and Avocado conditioner. I am finding that my hair is dry a bit, but not in the same way it was with silicons. I am silicon free at this point since earlier in the month (thank goodness 100% improvement) and read the label saying that the aloe vera and avocado were for the intensive moisture therapy, which my hair desperately needed.

I am thinking though after reading these posts by people with protein sensitivity, who have been using products that contain aloe vera, that the next time I buy conditioner, it will be the Tresemme Naturals with jojoba and some other kind of oil. I have yet to deep condition for a second time (my days off seem to get loaded for whatever reason) and have not yet made the shampoo that I am thinking about making.

I am at a point where I am curly guying it, but needing to tweak slowly. This is an odd but enjoyable process now that the hair is growing out and getting curlier through CGing and weight due to the lengthening. It seems to grow out, then curl more, then grow out and curl more. Hope you can figure out the aloe vera dilemma.
Above the post reply button (the very top one) theres a green bar (sorry I'm not very techy). On the left click on 'User CP'. On the left panel under "Settings and Options" click on "Edit Signature". Hope that made sense ... please post if I haven't explained properly.
Originally Posted by Maria Josť
Thank you!
my sis and I have been using for like 6yrs, the fote (clear) aloe vera - sometimes when I can't find it I have to use a generic - but always check the ingredients - its important not to get aloe vera w/alcohol addititives - some of the bottles, have alcohol - which is drying - it's all marketed for sunburn - so...

the reason I use the av gel over a proper hair gel - is that it doesn't flake - all the ones w/some vinyl or other product ultimately flaked - and I have dark hair, and that is so unattractive. I wash hair everyday, and it since it's water soluable, it washes out - and none of my products have silicons,etc - so thankfully I have gotten out of the rut of having to switch up products...

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