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I just had my hair dyed at a salon today. I remember reading somewhere that it's good to do protein treatments before and after getting hair colored. However, with protein-sensitive hair, that would just make things worse...

Any recommendations for post-coloring TLC to help my hair recover from the trauma? (The stylist was NOT gentle!)
When you say your hair's protein sensitive, what exactly do you mean? Is it that you've tried several different types and formulations and they all make your hair hard/brittle? Btw, it would be good to know how long you've been coloring your hair and how different from your natural shade it is or has been since you started coloring it.

The only other alternative to PTs, are moisturizing DTs, you can choose one from a store or make your own. A very simple one would be adding a good oil or oils to your favorite protein-free conditioner and applying heat while on your hair, at least in the beginning to open up the cuticle, and leaving it on for 30 min.
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