Anyone become protein sensitive after going CG?

I'm curious on this. I never had a problem with protein back then. My curls never went limp even with the dryness and breakage. Anyone know? Could it been the silicone making the protein not absorb? But then again when I used Joico kpack it took a week for my hair to get more dry and for the strands to thin out a bit.

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COWASH: Suave Naturals green apple and coconut
RO/LI: Tresseme Naturals, Oyin hair dew
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OIL: Coconut, grapeseed & jojoba
STYLER: LA Looks nutra curl & AVJ spritz

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My curls have the same characteristics as yours, i actually not sure if I'm protein sensitive or not. When I detangle my hair with a protein conditioner its difficult but after, i see that my hair start to look more shiny and a lil bit more healthy. So Im thinking about using protein products 1 or 2 times a month maximum.

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