HatSome Lined Hats - Awful fit + bad customer ser

Hey guys. This is my product review for a HatSome hat ( a satin lined winter hat for curly hair) I recently purchased. When I first bought the item online I came back and wrote to the company asking when another color (the color I was most interested in) would be back in stock. I was hoping to return and purchase this other color too, but they never bothered to respond to me, which was disappointing. They lost a second sale!

When I ordered the hat it stated online that it was a medium/large fit. Well when I finally got it the hat fit nothing like advertised. It looked awesome and slouchy on the model but on me it was a very tight fit with zero slouch. (I tried adjusting it and wearing it different ways but this made no difference.) It was a knit beenie style hat and you were supposed to be able to do stuff like move the hat around to slouch to the side or back - but nope - there was no room to do so. I had a friend try it on too and it fit the same way on her. It fits more like a small.

I was so disappointed because I chose this hat so I could kind of pile my hair into the excess space so it had body when I took it off, but with this hat my hair is flattened to my scalp. It looks awful on because of the poor fit. (I did wear it with my hair out - again, this makes no difference.)

I wrote to the company explaining how the hat fit badly and that I was disappointed. It's been over a week and I've gotten no response. I hate when companies totally ignore their customers when there is a problem.

Hat I ordered: Cable Knit Beanie with Pom - HatSome - Satin Lined Hats that Fit Your Style I chose the "winter white" color which turned out to be a cream color. Boo.

I never give negative reviews online unless the product is a total let down and the company ignores me when I write for help. I've read a lot of positive reviews about HatSome hats, but for me ordering from this company was a big waste of money. I gave this hat to my little cousin - it fit her a lot better.

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Thanks for the review. I've been wondering about these hats.
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