Hair Pomade...any good suggestions?

Hi everyone!

Does anybody have any good suggestions on pomade? I read online that it was good to keep curls/waves laying down without relaxing the curl, but there are so many kinds, I have no clue where to start! Also, has anyone here used pomades with good success? Thanks!!
I sometimes use pomade on second day hair, and it gives a piecy defined look and can smooth some flyaways. I have had good look with LUSH's Big Tease. It smells like their shower gel Olive Branch, which I adore, so that's another bonus.

Winter Routine
Co-wash: Hair One Argan Oil or Burt's Bees GreenTea and Fennel
Low-Po: Devacurl LP or SheaMoisture Black Soap(1-2x/wk)
Condish: SheaMoisture Deep Repair Mask
Leave-in: Kinky Curly Knot Today AND
Styler: GF Curl Construct Mousse or Biotera gel
-Diffuser happy!
Treatments: Oils or butters,and trying out Aubrey Organics GPB for protein

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