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Nightblooming's Panacea (sold on etsy, it's kind of a balm and a little goes a LONG way) and CJ Smoothing Lotion!!! (really like the slip and the way the CJSL smells)

Proud momma to 8!!!
Hair Type: Used to be 3a/b, now 2b/c Wavy/Whurly
Style: cirly pixie, growing out from a buzzcut. Aiming for at least a jaw length bob
Routine: Figuring that out since my hair has changed... so far:
Wash: CJ Daily Fix
LI: CJ Smoothing Lotion, CJ Curl Fix
Curl Enhancer: SS CEJ
Styler: KCCC, CK Coil Jam, SS FHG
Deep Conditioner: CK Curlycue Renew, CK Curl Fix
Color: I use henna to achieve a rich black cherry/deep burgundy
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Dr. Miracle's Deep Conditioning Treatment: I liked using this stuff. It's fairly inexpensive, smells nice, and leaves my hair feeling very soft when I rinse it out. I used it once a week and left it in my hair overnight, then rinsed it out in the morning. The instructions recommended fifteen minutes but I prefer overnight deep conditioning.

Africa's Best Instant Detangling Conditioner: Normally my hair doesn't agree with detangling stuff since detanglers make it knot up even more, but this did exactly what it was supposed to do. I haven't used it in awhile but when I did I used it with their Stimulating Therapy Shampoo. At first it didn't feel like the conditioner was working, but it didn't take long to kick in. I just had to run my fingers through my hair about two or three times and it worked like a charm. The price for their products is a little steep--rounding up, the shampoo and the conditioner were about seven bucks each. However, Africa's Best makes a good product so it's worth the price. I also use their Super Gro hair balm.

Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong Conditioner: I just got this stuff last week after seeing the commercials for it. Normally I'm not that kind of person but I'm glad I caved! I shed a lot in the shower when washing my hair, or when I'm finger-combing it but there's been considerably less shedding with this product. What I've started doing is mixing some of this with my rinse-out conditioner (VO5 Moisture Milks) and my leave-in (Garnier Fructise Sleek n Shine). Before that I would use Honey I'm Strong as a rinse-out, and my VO5 as a rinse-out only when I shampoo-washed my hair so we'll see how this goes.
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Curl Junkie Argan and Olive Oil conditioner and Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture condition both work VERY well for me as a leave in.

For DC, I can either add a blend of oils to the Giovanni SMS DM or use Curl Junkie Curl Rehab.
My hair: thick, medium/coarse, high porosity in the crown naturally, normal porosity everywhere else.

Currently using...
Poo: Loreal Ever Curl Sulfate Free poo
Rinse out: Aussie Moist/Tresemme Flawless Curls
Leave-in: JC Hydrate Smoothing leave-in/Deva One C
DC: Crece Pelo Treatment/Camille Rose Algae Deep cond/Curl Junkie Rehab
Stylers: Super Wet original gel/Extreme Wetline gel
Oils: EVCO, Castor Oil
Moisturizer: Oyin Hair Dew
Sealant: Oyin pomades or KBB Butter Love
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I love Giovanni Direct Leave-In. It IS light, but it does the trick for my thick 3C hair. Also I use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. I use it on dry hair before I wash. It makes my hair feel really soft. The latter is all natural.
Check out my blog: kinkycurlypixie.blogspot.com
or search me on youtube: blugtar87

Phone cord curls (dont know what type). Looser in the front and on top (maybe from heat damage?)

Happy to say that I am CG!

Currently using:
Teressentials Mud Wash. (As my cleanser and conditioner)
Giovanni's Direct Leave-In.
Castor oil
Ecco styler gel
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Originally Posted by rbb View Post
any and all of the curl junkie conditioners/deep treatments.

you can use the deep treatments as leave ins, also (except for the protein treatment, repair me, that has to be rinsed out!, but that is protein, not a conditioner treatment, altho it is very moisturizing.)
why should 'curl junkie, repair me!' rinsed out? I used is as a leave-in too and I liked that. Is it bad to not rinse out prote´n? There also excist gel with prote´n in it? (ecostyler for example)
highlighted 3a hair. Fine strands, medium to high density. Probably high porosity. Growing uit bad layering and aiming for waist lenght!

Pre-poo: coconut oil
wash: CJ Daily fix or SheaMoisture Coconut&Hibiscus
RO + LI: different every time
Styler: CJ Pattern Pusha, CJ CIAB

dislikes: glycerin in low dews, scissor happy stylists, magnesium sulfate

(modified) CG since june 25, 2012
Hiarfinity + extra MSM since March 5., 2014

SL - APL - BSBL- BSL - MBL - WL (stretched)
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