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Default Cheaper alternative to the Devafuser

Apparently Deva is coming out with a new and improved version of the Devafuser. Devachan will send an email out when that happens.

Anyway, I have been wanting to buy the Devafuser to use with my FHI dryer and after more bad reviews than good I decided not buy the $40 diffuser at a mall beauty supply. (they would not refund my money if I didn't like it) Most gals on the board thought it was waste of their money.

So I got this bright idea to purchase one of those hair picks that fits on the blow dryer. (like the one's when I use to blow-dry my hair straight, I know gasp!)

I figured I would only be out the $4.99 I spent. Well it worked great.

What I did is inserted the pick into my hair at roots and hold it there and remove the same way. So its in at the roots and out at the roots. I did this all over my hair. This method dried my roots and greated lift all at the same time. Finally I am able to blow dry my hair quickly. This was something I could never do.
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Wow! What a clever idea! I don't have one of those hair picks on my current dryer, but have been eyeing a new one that does. If I buy it, I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing!
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Clever! I just tossed a couple of those picks...never used them before and I thought I'd never use them now that I've gone CG! After reading this post I dug out my old "Afro pick" (a leftover from my days of permed mullets in the 80's) and used it to lift at the roots while holding my bowl diffuser in place. Got nice lift and faster drying at the roots. Thanks for the idea!
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