need some help guys.


so i went natural like 6 years ago, only to find out my hair was naturally curly. (type 3C)
i usually rotate my hair through out the year, mostly straight, or in braids, and between those i wear it curly.
i try not to starighten it that much but i do use a chi.., so when i wash it to wear it curly, the front part where i guess i straighten the most, like barely is curly at all, for the most part, or pretty straighten.
since my hair is naturally curly, i dont use any products at all, i was just wondering if ya'll could recommend a product for me to use to make my hair more curly, and grow basically.

ps. i walked into sally's today and tried to look for some products, and i was just like so lost, i didnt know where to begin, so im trying to do some research before i buy anything.
I guess you could use a mousse or even some type of hair curler.

For a long term fix you will have to grow out the straightened parts until you get those strands back to their normal curl pattern.

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