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Default Mixed Chicks Revisited

I have been CG for about 3 years. My hair has a very high frizz factor. I have been thinking about becoming moderately CG. I noticed that Mixed Chicks has a sulfate-free shampoo. I also notice that the Deep Conditioner has a silicone in it that ends in -siloxane, and that the Leave In Conditioner has Amodimethicone.

My question is: has anyone had success using these products? If so, do you diffuse? I have to diffuse, b/c my hair never dries. I tried searching, but I guess I am looking for more recent review/comments/routines regarding these products.

I just bought the three products and used them this morning. My hair is full but kinda frizzy. However, I put the leave in in sopping wet hair, so then when I went to diffuse, it was too wet, I think. I don't know....I'm just looking to see if anyone else out there is currently using these products, even though they are not CG. Thanks so much. I can't believe I can't find spellcheck, so I am sorry if there are typos.

Oh, my hair is thick and fine, but starting to thin as I age, and I guess 3A.
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