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Default Sof' N' Free Nothing But Curly Pudding

....bought this last week, just wanted to sing its praises.

I use it over a little Cantu Leave-in With Shea Butter, then use a couple shmears of Africa's Best oil, and it gives me curls like this

Also, it keeps my daughter's 4a hair softer, easier to comb out. I can't remember what I had in my other hand at Sally's but I AM SO GLAD I PUT IT BACK!

Our hair types below:

I am 3b, thick/dense/fine, I *think* high porosity, not sure.

My little one is 4a, thick/dense/supersuper fine, lower porosity, lots of shrinkage (from near-waist length to neck-length type of shrinkage)

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I have it in my hair right now. I love it but vie noticed i have more tangle. I think i need to add a moistutizer or something

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I got a sample at a hair show and I didn't hate it but I wouldn't buy it. custards or puddings or anything that consistency tends to make my hair feel greasy. This did too but not quite as much. Granted my hair is fine and prone to buildup so others may have a better result.
Oh, I did use a good li under it. I never use this kind of stuff as moisturuzers only as stylers/sealents.
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