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Tinfoilhat 11-21-2012 12:19 PM

Curl Defining Gel - Ingredientstodiefor :D
Ingredients To Die For - Curl Defining Gel

Curl Defining Gel

So I am going to review Ingredientstodiefor's new product, the Curl Defining Gel.
I have a 1oz sample size of it, and have used it so far for wash and gos, my first wearable twist out (yes my very first I actually wore down haha)...I even use it on my edges :O

The product is thick, spreads easily, has slip, if you turn the contained upside down it wont run out of the container. It is strange because when it gets on your fingers or hands if moves easily. Overall it's a thick creamy gelled texture.

I really love the slip it has as well.

This gel is very moisturizing, I'm not sure how else to put that honestly. xD lol I don't usually use gels on my edges, but given that it is moisturizing and gives a nice firm hold I am able to use this on my edges, sleep on it, and my hair is still soft in the morning.

(To be fair I have been using another sample from Ingredientstodiefor that I believe has been uppping my moisture, but that product will be reviewed after. ^^)

Hold, Crunch:
It gives a firm hold, it honestly reminds of a pomade on my hair. I get great clumped curls, shine, a firm but extremely soft hold. I used it today for a wash and go and didn't even have to scrunch out any crunch. =O I am so in awe of this gel, lol. I've never used a styling gel product that doesn't leave a crunch-feeling when dry. I will say that I used wayyy too much on sections my first time using this and it was a bit crunchy, but mostly just weighed down from using so much. You only really need a little of this spread over your hands, and then onto your sections. It has ALOT of slip. The slip is comparable to the organicals deep conditioning cream.


The only real CON I can think of for this gel is those with hair that is easily weighed down may find this too heavy.

I am really enjoying this gel, my hair was crying out for moisture - I have been using the organicals touchably soft conditioning gel as my staple gel, and while that is a good gel it has protein in it and I didn't feel comfortable using it everyday (even though my hair loves protein). The product is good, and those with fine hair would love it but I just needed something thicker.

So this gel is a nice change, the ingredients are great, it rinses as perfectly clean as all of their products I've used so far have. There is no sticky or oily feeling, the hair feels perfectly touchable.

I was trying to think what gel or cream I would compare this product to that most of you would know of or have used, but I really can't think of any. I've used all of the popular 'moisturizing' gels and end up with tangled dry wash and gos by time I get home >.< I'm just so happy with my moisture levels at the moment, and of course I love being able to buy a huge amount and scenting my own gel however I want :D

I'm gong to add pictures tomorrow when I do my hair...and also have my brother take pictures of the gel itself. I wanted to have pictures before but he keeps slipping out of the house with his nice camera before I can get to him xD lol

I'll also be writing my review for the "marshmallow moisture balm" next, or in a few weeks seeing as I had been using it wrong to get the full benefits....but I have to say this product has changed my hair in just a few mere days for the better....and this was from not even using it properly ...I am still in shock at my hair's moisture level right now.

jsuzkelley 11-21-2012 04:28 PM

I'm intrigued. Just looked at the link - looks like this is a product base? So no added fragrances? Wondering if you've added anything to this. Can't wait to see your pic :)

Tinfoilhat 11-22-2012 04:59 AM

Yep it's an unscented base :D
So you can buy a big size and scent various small batches, or just scent a big batch ^^

I used the "fruit blossom" scent from their site actually - it smells really nice, very strong so you only need a little of it. It has a nice floral undertone also :D

Curly Girl Fla 12-01-2012 10:25 AM

thanks for this review in addition to the marshmallow balm, too...this is another product in my cart for when i can afford to hit the checkout button!

sexyhalfpint 12-01-2012 08:24 PM

I think this company is a bit expensive your thoughts

sexyhalfpint 12-01-2012 08:25 PM

Curly Girl Fla I agree my cart been full for 3 weeks now lol

kathymack 12-02-2012 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by sexyhalfpint (Post 2079077)
I think this company is a bit expensive your thoughts

Actually, prices are really reasonable--shipping is expensive.

Tinfoilhat 12-02-2012 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by sexyhalfpint (Post 2079077)
I think this company is a bit expensive your thoughts

They sell bulk sizes..

A comparison, I used the kinky curly curling custard before I discovered ingredientstodiefor - and now I use the curl defining gel.

The 8oz KCCC is $18 at target, and the 16oz curl defining gel at ingredientstodiefor is 12 dollars at ITDF.

I think their shipping is a pricey though, but regardless I am getting more product (not to mention a product that agrees and works better for my hair personally) for a better price.

kathymack 01-14-2013 07:31 AM

X Post
I ordered 7 of the ingredientstodiefor products and got them on Saturday. My biggest surprise is that they are really firm in consistency. I thought the Marshmallow Moisture Balm was similar to a "soft" jello mold in texture. It was also "slippery." I know that they make products to order (not sure about the samples), so this might be the reason for the difference in consistency.

Should have read this thread before I tried this product. I used it as the second product on. Used the Curl Defining Gel with it. I don't think that I was careful enough with the product application to really review it. Because of the consistency, my hair looked like I missed pieces, when it was dry. It looked great after I diffused.

Today, I tried the Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel. It's the only product that has an almost "pourable" consistency. I was really careful about distributing it and using enough product. My hair isn't dry yet, so I don't know. I'll review all of the products after I use them a few times.

lurvelieplum 01-14-2013 07:38 PM

Was thinking about buying one of these gels, let me know which of the two you prefer!

kathymack 02-05-2013 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by lurvelieplum (Post 2101811)
Was thinking about buying one of these gels, let me know which of the two you prefer!

I've used them both a few times. Thought I'd like the Curl Defining Gel better--Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel has a little "graininess" to it. When dry, they are both really nice. The ingredients are different enough that I'd suggest that you try them both. They are really inexpensive and don't have chemicals. Since I rotate products and rarely use anything more then once a week, I like to have a lot to choose from.

FrizzBgone 02-17-2013 11:53 PM

I was also surprised with the texture of the Curl Defining Gel, but I loved the results. I had well defined curls,volume and no frizz.

I also got 2nd day hair

I used Curl Junkie Curl Fix as a leave in, the curl defining gel as a curl enhancer and a small amount of gel scrunched in for hold. I then plopped in a Curlease towel while I applied makeup.

As with every product I scrunch in a small amount of either CIAB or Gel-les'c (frizz prevention serum) prior to diffusing.

Great results and the price makes it well worth trying. I highly recommend getting samples from kathymack.

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