I'm really thrilled I found this low-poo!

I have recurring dandruff and SD and I didn't think there were any sulfate-free dandruff low-poos out there, but I found this at WF about a month ago. I think the brand Jason also makes a similar poo as well.

Anyway it has salicylic acid (2%) which was recommended by my derm as one of the ingredients to look for in a shampoo. I'm pleased to say that G DBF works! I had the crazy itchies yesterday and washed with it and my scalp has been completely calm since. It's not nearly as stripping as Selsun Blue (sulfates), which was my previous scalp remedy. I'm glad to have it in the mix. It's probably my HG dandruff/SD poo.

Hope this helps someone with similar scalp issues.
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