product between a gel and a cream?

Newbie here. 3a. Embracing my inner curly after years of blowing and ironing straight, and searching for the right products.

Love the feel of Bumble & Bumble curl creme on my fine hair (but not the price -- ouch!). Would like a bit more curl definition, though. Which means, I'm guessing, a heavier type of product, i.e. a gel?

Products I've tried and disliked:

Pantene Curls gel, extra strong hold -- too sticky
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel -- too sticky
Ion Curl Defining Styling Creme -- too gummy
Recoil Curl Activator -- too gummy

Is there a product somewhere between a B&B creme and a sticky, crunchy gel?

Thanks for any suggestions!
Garnier Fructis has one that is new. I can't remember the exact name but on the tube it says something about it being a gel/cream all together.
Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (KCCC) is a styler that has a gel-like texture without the stickiness. Biotera is a runny gel with a lighter hold that seems to work well in cooler weather.
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I would say Loreal Out of Bed (a.k.a. LOOB) is a cross between cream and gel. I like it a lot.
Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

Seems a lot of curlys like LOOB. Is this the stuff in the jar? A texturizer? It's really not too stiff and waxy?
It is in a jar. I can be pretty generous with it. It's not crunchy or greasy.
biolage makes a gel creme. not sure of the name though
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I'm a new convert to LOOB. It's not sticky at all and no stiffness. It's really wonderful. I've been using that and then scrunching in a little HETT mousse and been getting great results.
I really liked Garnier Fructis curl creme gel but it has silicone in it so that's a no-go now.

I would say Loreal Out of Bed (a.k.a. LOOB) is a cross between cream and gel. I like it a lot.
Originally Posted by Tzu Love
I agree
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I am back on the LOOB bandwagon. Just love it lately! I use it alone, nothing under or over, and get super results!
Well I am really loving the KCCC and the KCKT ,KCCC is like a gel and a cream, it leaves my hair so shiny, I think this us my HG... I can't stand using Gel anymore..
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Ditto....I rake in LOOB after my leave in and mousse and just a tad LA looks sports gel......this combo has been working great on my hair...HTH
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So I tried LOOB and FX and love them both! Just what I've been looking for the definition you get with a gel without all the sticky, crunchy, gummy mess. Still experimenting to determine just the perfect amount, but really have not been disappointed yet with any amount I've used.

Thanks all for the recommendations!

So now a question about second-day hair with these products. When I wake up the second day, my hair is flattened down, kind of frizzy up top and matted underneath. Using fingers or a pick inserted at the roots kind of fluffs things back to life, but what to do about the frizz and tangles? If I pick or comb out the tangles underneath, I get frizz. Maybe if I spritz with water the LOOB will be reactivated? Or should I apply more LOOB to dry hair?

What do you guys do to second-day hair?

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