I've never really had much trouble with frizz. Every once in a while I'd get a patch here or there. That being said, since I switched from HETT mousse to the Set Me Up gel, I've had the worst hair days ever. All over frizz, stringy curls, and weird curl pattern. It's horrible. I've used half the bottle and the rest is going in the trash.

Does anyone have a gel or gel-substitute recommendation? I'm using LOOB for clumping, I really just need something for control and curl enhancing.


Weird! I am having decent (not AMAZING, but decent) luck with HESMU. I hear good things about L'Oreal's Melting Gel from my roommate, though, that it is lightweight but still has hold.

fia 2C/3A-F-iii, sensitive to some proteins
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Rinse outs: Yes to Carrots Pampering Mud Conditioner
Styling: a little bit of leave in and a little bit of KCCC, diffusing
Olive oil DTs, honey rinses in the summer
The HESMU is my HG right now... so different strokes for different folks. Beware the LOOB - very drying for some curlies (myself included).

Have you tried the Biotera gel? Or the BRHG? And people seem to love the Melting Gel.
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I use the TT mousse and SMU gel together and get amazing results.
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Yep, SMU is quickly becoming one of my HGs. After searching for eons, I finally found BE yesterday and used it last night for the first time. Curls were a little looser but still just as frizz free and defined as I get with SMU. I'll alternate them.

TT's hold was way too light for me. I've tried the Biotera gel, as well, and didn't love it.
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Hm... that sounds like what LOOB did to me.
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LOL, funny how it works, isn't it? I loathe LOOB and KCCC/KCKT, but they are the HG for other people. On the other hand, HESMU has worked reasonably well for me. Not HG well, but well enough.

You might want to try iStyle by Samy I'm Twisted Curl Spray Gel. It's available at Ulta and Walgreens. Link:


It's CG and I like it a lot.
Medium texture, normal-high porosity, wavy-curly 2c to 3a-ish hair that is MOISTURE HUNGRY!!!
Currently recovering from a protein hair crisis. My hair hates protein, apparently.

I had the same experience with SMU. My hair looked horrible, worse than if I'd had nothing in it. I guess there must be an ingredient in it that just doesn't agree with my hair.

If you're looking for a gel with a really strong hold, I recommend trying BRHG.
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Summer: DevaCurl No Poo & OneC; CK; Re:coil; BRHG; Honey!!!

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