curly sexy hair CONDITIONER reviews?

I looked on Product Reviews for what people have to say about the curly sexy hair CONDITIONER, but it looks like the shampoo was reviewed instead.

And the other sexy hair products came up when I did a search on this forum for "sexy", which is probably the best search phrase to use if I don't want all the results for "curly" and "hair" and "conditioner".

Can anyone give me their 2-cents for this conditioner?

Please & thank you!
I have been using it for a little under a year religiously and I like it. Although i have been testing out different styling products during this almost 1 year and I use it in combination with a moisturizing conditioner. Thus, I cant say how my hair would respond without the combo of curly and moisturizing products I use.
I am thinking about trying this. Wish me luck! An acquaintance of mine is using this for her daughter's hair.
I didn't like it
I find it didn't do me any good moisture or curl wise.
Fine 2c-3a Curls
Normal porosity/ Medium density
Henna over color-treated hair
Not currently CG
Poo: Pureology hydrate
RO: Pureology hydrate
LI: HSH Tri-wheat spray
DT: Coconut oil
PT: Henna/Cassia
Styler: AG recoil/mousse-gel

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