FSG with more hold?

I made some FSG the other day and liked it except for I felt it did not give me the hold I wanted. Does anyone know anything I can add to it for a little extra hold?
As long as your hair can handle humectants try adding honey.

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Hair: 2b/2c, normal porosity, medium texture, medium density, good elasticity

Co-wash: Tresseme naturals
Condish: TS
Gel: FSG

2ND day:
Spritz with Lavender, add FSG or AVG.
I use xanthan gum mixed with distilled water. I make a big batch (2 tablespoons of xanthan gum mixed with 2 cups of distilled water). I do have to spend about 30 minutes mixing it with a fork, but it really gives my hair great hold.

I would suggest leaving the xanthan gum gel in the frig overnight before adding some with your fsg.

I am using just the the xanthan gum gel by itself over KCKT. Lately, the fsg has been giving me frizz.

It does give a lot of crunch but I like that! Also, takes away the bulk.
I read about making a gel with xanthan gum the other day and I don't know why I haven't done it yet. Definetly will be doing this soon. Do you think the FSG is a humectant? I wonder if that is why it has been causing frizz especially since it is summer time and the dews seem to be higher.
Now that makes me wonder if the fsg is considered a humectant??

The last few times I have been mixing the fsg and xanthan gum. I am not sure what was/is causing the frizz - bottom portion of my hair, may be called " in the curl frizz".

I keep going back and forth with using the fsg. It is the only gel my hair does ok with. I had been using kccc but that has been giving me awful frizz and dryness lately - possibly because of the agave nectar or maybe the aloe?

I was wondering if the fsg had protein since it does list protein in the nutrition information.

I do like the hold the xanthan gum gives with the fsg. It also keeps the fsg from flying all over the place as well as not looking so slimy.
I had also wondered if the fsg would be a protein. I have coarse medium to low porosity and very very dense hair and I live where it is very humid so I try to avoid all humectants and proteins but I still want something that is moisturizing. I noticed in your signature your hair is like mine. Have you found any oils you liked and have you ever tried shea butter? I also used kccc and loved it to begin with and then slowly I started not to get the same results I did in the beginning. I think the agave is a humectant but I'm not sure about the aloe.
Glad to find someone with same properties! I do wet my hair twice daily (morning and evening) so oils can buildup on my hair fast and lock out moisture.

Coconut oil is okay but I do get that greasy frizz so I try to avoid it, yet I do find myself trying it again and again to see if I will get different results.

Jojoba oil gives me dry frizz within 5-15 minutes.

I do use Jessicurl deep treatment which has some oils and shea butter but that also causes greasy frizz after a few days which I have to wash out with Kinky Curly Come Clean followed by KCKT.

I think I will always have the frizz in the curls since I have such a range of curl patterns (2C - 3C) so they just won't clump together....very frustrating!

I do find that xanthan gum gel with or without fsg works the best for me, yet I am constantly searching for a gel without polyquats, humectants, protein, silicones, and drying alcohols...still have not found one.

I also live in a vey humid climate year round.
I know where you are coming from. I have 2c to 3a hair and I wish it would just all clump together and curl the same with no frizz but I'm guessing that is what everyone here would like. I'm going to try the xanthan gum gel and maybe some shea butter.
Let me know how it goes for you. Sometimes the xanthan gum can get a little drying so I do make sure to use a lot
I still haven't bought xanthan gum yet but just wanted to say I made some fsg today but instead of using 2 T. to 1 cup of water I used 2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of flax seeds and boiled it a little longer till it was thicker than usual and I used just that on my hair and I had to scrunch out the crunch but at least it was a strong hold. Maybe I've just not been making it "strong" enough. Oh and I did a little research and fsg is neither a protein nor a humectant.
I have been using 1/4 cup seeds to 2 cups water. I will try going with 1/2 cup of seeds now and boiling longer to see if I also get a stronger hold. Thanks for doing the research! I am glad to know it isn't a protein or humectant.

Today I used JCN&S with the gel - I think the butters in the JCN&S will help tame my frizz and bulk as well as give my dry hair some moisture. Thanks for suggesting I try shea butter!

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