Anyone used FSG in high dews?

I recently made fsg, and while i like it, i got frizz that i cant stand. Is this a gel meant for lower dews? Is there anything i can do to get rid of this frizz?

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I live in a high dew area and flaxseed gel seemed to help reduce frizz. But I always finish my style with oil and recently coconut oil rubbed between my hands lightly smooth the crown and scrunched in
I did that yesterday and got great results, byt two to three hours later, my hair frizzed horribly! Any idea why?

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It seems as though plain FSG is mainly used as a middle or clumping product. It needs to be topped off with a harder hold gel like LA Looks, Dep Sport or best of all (IMO) Biosilk rock hard gelee.

You can add agave or honey to make your FSG a harder holding gel, but be careful as those are humectants, so I've read.
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Ahah! Thanks!

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