DIY Leave in conditioner with curl booster


A I am a newby and recently come in contact with the CG methode. In the past I always used biosilk silk therapy but lately I start to hate the product because It makes my hair to greesy and fat and I have to wash it every day.
My hair used to be 2a/b but sinds I used the CG Methode 2b/c.

I want to make a home made leave in conditioner with curl booster. do you have any suggestions what (and ik what amount) to put in my pritzer?

I tought (but is it ok?):

4 oz Demi water
1 tbsp aloe vera gel
2 tbsp conditioner (Devacurl one conditioner or CHS slip or CHS curl keeper)
1 tbsp epsom salt
1 tbsp magnesium oil
1 tbsp argan oil

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A lot of ladies use leave ins with salts to shrink their curls smaller or to make waves more like a curl or something with more volume. I am afraid of them because I fear the salt drying my dry hair and I think my curls tend to be too small for my tastes some times. But it's up to you. If you like what it does for your hair go for it! I might try a bkt while someone else might use salt, clays, baking soda and vinegar (all of which are also drying). I think if you're happy, that is all that matters.
It is a cost/benefit analysis that each person must do for themselves.

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What is Demi water?

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I second the motion to exercise caution when using any type of salt...before I found out about the whole CG method, I purchased and used the beach sprays as a way of defining curls and taming the tresses. Approximately 8 mos. after, my hair was totally dried out and I ended up having to cut A LOT of it off. By using the ideas and suggestions on this forum, I'm slowly but surely getting its health and vitality back.

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