sea moss aka irish moss

Got some at the store and have been looking up recipes both on this site and the rest of the internet.
I have a headache

Never did care for the drink growing up, and most of the recipes I've found on the internet are for punch.

I was thinking more along the lines of a homemade setting lotion akin to FSG.

Can anyone comment on how it compares?

I am soaking overnight, after several cold water rinses, then tomorrow, I thought I might boil it down and strain.

I know it can be frozen for later use much like FSG...anyhow, I thought maybe there was someone else who can comment on whether it's worth the trouble.

I have heard of some curlies using irish moss in their products for slip. I think I also read that someone uses the water that the irish moss was soaking in to make fsg. Never tried it myself but I think its probably good for slip similar to marshmallow root. don't know if it has holding power.
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thanks for your reply
this morning (after soaking over night in cold water) I added water and brought my sea moss to a simmer, much like FSG.

Contrary to what it looked like (covered in sand and crystallized sea salt) ie: probably had NO odor not soaking last night, nor simmering this morning.

Ok, so this stuff is kinda creepy to look at but not as scary to touch my mom always prepared it but I never really stuck around to help cause she would always try to make me drink it she did that alot with stuff like mauby and homemade ginger beer, her sorrel was ok though.

Anyhow....I strained it and added it 50/50 with my previously frozen, (thawed in the fridge) FSG with EO's.

Since the pkg itself was only 1.59 for 2 oz and easily accessible, I figure I can fool with it a bit.

It hasn't cooled completely so I'm not sure of the texture as yet. I added it to the FSG while still warm and pourable.My hair's still wet, trying like hell not to put my hands in my hair

So having done some searches, I've found that Irish Moss and what I know as Sea Moss is the same thing.

This being said, the only way I knew to use it was by simmering and adding sugar and spices to make a punch.

Upon my internet searches however, I found people were soaking for several days, then processing raw (as in uncooked) in a blender. They were adding the puree to shakes and stuff as in raw diets.

So I thought I might try it that way tooooo

on dry hair (my texture is med, porosity low, when nekkid, hair tends to fall in loose but formed barrel ringlets from root to end, loose S pattern from root to tip but is easily disturbed, if pressed, I'd call it 2b-c but I'm not sure it'd answer )

I applied raw sea moss that I had (soaking on the counter in cold water for 3 days) that was processed in the blender till very very very smooth.

I applied it to one side of my dry head that had been freshly co-washed about 6 hrs before and had nothing but a home made LI (made with water, suave coconut condish, glycerine and a drop or 2 of honey.

I got extremely well defined curls that were rather large in diameter. It was easy to apply and my hair looked instantly of the beach! left white particles the size of sand evenly distributed through out the curls....turns out this was sea moss that could not be ground fine enough.

So I strained through an old nylon and applied the remainder to the other side of my head.....same result...

It was woooonderful, but for the tiny white particles that really made me look like I came from the bottom of the I turned to the infusion I made several days ago....

I had frozen the leftovers so I added about 1.5 oz of frozen sea moss tea to about 4 oz FSG and as usual, it made some amazing stuff.

Soft, not crunchy, big, well defined curls.....

Next time I go to the WI market, I'll pick up another $1.59 worth of sea moss (2 oz) and combine the 2 in: soak for 2-3 days, simmer till transluscent, then process in blender, then apply.

More as it develops

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