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Hi everyone!!! Im new to the community & I have a question, i've been getting my hair permed since i was about 19 (im 27 now), anyway, recently within the last few months) my curls arent "curls" anymore. My last perm was done in early july of 2006, & yes i do dye my hair (had highlights, but they were severly drying out my hair, so i switched over to full color, which has really helped!) But i digress, My curls have sort of become more wavy as opposed to an actual curl .,

My routine is typically like this: in the shower I leave in Dove intense moisturizing conditioner for 1 minute before combing out knots. Then i rinse out the conditioner & flip my head over & begin tighly scruching, at this point I usually put more conditioner in & scrunch for a minute or 2 before i scrunch to rinse the conditioner out. When i get out the shower, I tightly scrunch my hair with a towel before applying a little more dove intense conditioner(to leave in) followed by some Aveda be Curly, & then some gel. I used to not have to blow dry, but lately my hair doesnt cooperate in curling like it used to so, I tightly scrunch while blow drying my hair. Needless to say im still not acheving a curl, & with all the blow-drying my hair tends to looks a little dry. Any suggestions as to what i can do? Im about ready to shave my head & start over!

You didn't mention whether or not you have a diffuser on your dryer. A blow dryer without a diffuser is a curl's worst enemy. Have you ever tried air drying? If you don't like that idea, then definitely get a diffuser. Also, maybe a deep treatment weekly.
I know this is an old post but I would be concerned that maybe you are overdoing the conditioner because you added conditioner 3 different times. I read a nice clarifying recipe in CG book, it is one cup water ( I used detonized to 1 T baking soda.) I have not used it yet but think it will help. Good luck.
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