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I posted this on the highlights forum, but I think it might be helpful...

My hair was always dry, even before highlights. After highlights I had my usual dryness, but since discovering this site, I've changed my routine entirely and have soft, tangle-free not dry hair. A lot of my split ends were from me literally ripping my ends apart during the course of the day, after they had formed into dry knots.

However, for the past couple of weeks, I have been following a modified CG and my hair is feeling better than it ever has. It's not dry anymore. I do still use the Ice Shine for conditioner, but I changed to no poo. I do rinse most of the conditioner out. I only comb with my fingers with the conditioner in.

I made a hair spray for myself from spring water, lavender essential oil, and sweet almond oil. I think the almond oil is the secret to non-dry hair. It's been really great on my hair, better than jojoba or coconut oil. And I don't rinse it out, since it's diluted in a spray. There are way less tangles, and those that do develop are small and seem really easy to manage. I spray this on after CO washing my hair, and also use it daily for styling and 2nd day hair.

Also, when my hair dries, I put the front up in a clip, and since it's out of my face, I'm less likely to mess with the curls when they're drying.

after they dry, I like more volume, and turn my hair upside down and fluff it up that way, not touching the top layer of curl.

I hope this is helpful. I only wish I had information like this growing up. It would have saved me years of dry frizzy hair.
Oh man, why oh why did I read this? Don't make me go out and buy another oil I have coconut, castor, avocado, jojoba
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Well, you can use the coconut and jojoba oils on your skin at night for moisturizing!!!

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