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Other than the usual salt and butter.what else can u put on popcorn to give it a diff. flavor
I like to put cajun seasoning on mine, but garlic powder is also pretty good.
Large flake nutritional yeast gives it a nice cheesy flavor.
cinnamon and sugar

garlic powder and parmeasan
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Butter, salt, and green tabasco. Seriously!
Teriyaki sauce (sparingly)
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Powered cheese!!!! Yum!!!
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I've always loved adding some chocolate chips to my popcorn when it's still warm... it's messy but the salty and sweet tastes together... delicious!
yummmm, chocolate chips. Im going to try that one
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one of my friends' mom would always put tacco seasoning on it she would put the popcorn in a big paper bag add the seasoning and then shake the crap out of the bag. my mom has melted red hots down with some other stuff and dumped it on the popcorn but she made this for everyone for christmas one year so i got a bit sick of it
mmm, parmesean cheese. Non pariels (Snow Caps)
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My friend is currently on Weight Watchers and she uses one of the misters to mist Olive Oil on her popcorn
Hi, I know this might sound mad but i do put on the popcorn some organic apple cyder vineger it is very good for you ..you can also put it into hotwater and honey..
honey or magic mallow which is a marshmallowy thing that you mix into it. its so good. damn i'm gonna go make some popcorn right now!
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Raisinettes especially with movie theater popcorn. Mmm mmn good!
i cant live without my tabasco sauce :P
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Large flake nutritional yeast gives it a nice cheesy flavor.
Originally Posted by Oliver Twist
bingo, so healthy. and add some tamari soy sauce.

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