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1 weetabix biscuit: 58.5
1/4 cup carnation milk: 20 calories
1 walnut crushed: 28 calories
1 tsp spoon honey: 16 calories
1/2 banana chopped : 52.5 calories

Total: 175 calories

LOVE THIS SNACK! Normally will hold me til the next meal.
Curl type: 3C/4A
Strand thickness: Fine/Medium
Porosity: low to medium to high (depends on where on my head)
Density: medium
Leave in product: Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
Co-wash : Mizani True Textures Cleansing Cream
Conditioner: still trying stuff. Atm: DnL Au Naturale Knot-out Conditioner
DC: Anything at hand. Suggestions?
PT: Hair Mayonaise
Sealant: Olive oil only or Raw Shea Butter mixture
Gel: Curls Unleashed Set it off Curls Boosting Jelly