Deva stylist in D.C.

Jannah Dunbar at Glynn Jones salon in Dupont Circle in D.C. gave me a great Deva cut. She was the fourth stylist I'd been to in four months since relocating to D.C. and having three terrible hair cuts. She didn't have much to work with. She noticed right away that the last stylist used thinning sheers on my hair, without my having to tell Jannah. She didn't cut much more since I was trying to grow it out again. She gave me a very cute wash and wear curly style that I can work with. She didn't try to sell me products. She cut the hair dry, and then styled it curly the way I would at home, blotting it with paper towels and applying product. She took a lot of time with my hair and was very patient.
Conditioner Wash Suave Strawberry Conditioner

Gel Styling Product: Curl Keeper and Curly Hair Solutions Gel
I moved salons to better serve my curly girls. I am @ Parlour Salon 1522 U St NW. 202-986-0800

Hope to see you soon!

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