I had a Deva cut (my first) from Dailin at Le Petit Salon in Cambridge MA a few weeks ago. I was happy with it when I walked out but for the first week I wasn't convinced it was vastly better or different than other really good cuts I've had. (Not to be overly dramatic but does anyone else feel like their hair acts a little freaked out right after a haircut?) Now, a couple of weeks later I think its really a GREAT cut. My hair has rarely curled so consistently and so nicely, especially this time of year when the dew points are down. Dailin (who has beautiful curls herself) is friendly and very sweet. She spent an amazing amount of time on the cut and it shows. She didn't push products but I purchased No Poo and like it.
I'm interested in hearing from anyone here who has had their hair colored by Dailin. She said she was trained by Deva in pintura highlights and I'm contemplating trying it...Thanks!
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