I hope one day to become a stylist either for film/TV, or the traditional salon route. My big goal is to one day own a salon. I have a few questions for you pros out there.

1. Is it, in your opinion, better to go to a big name school if you have the money, or go to a bang for your buck kind of place?

2. Is it wise to go to a four year college first (especially if you want to own a salon, so think more towards a business degree) then attend beauty school? Or perhaps both at the same time if its possible?

3.How did you take the route to specializing in curly hair? Most salons teach strictly straight so I here, so for those who work with curls did you train yourselves or go to Devachan?

4. What are some pros and cons of the business?

Any other advice?

Co-wash- Sauve Naturals Coconut Conditioner, As I am Co Wash
No-Po- Deva Curl No Poo
ROConditioner- Deva Curl, Aussie Moist
Leave In- KC Leave in
Moisturizer - Shea Moisture Hair Milk
Oil- Argan Oil, DIY Spray w/ coconut oil, lavender, castor, jojoba, argan,
Cream- Shea Moisture Smoothie
Styler- Aussie Mousse, Ouidad curl keeper