Tipping the salon owner??

Could I please hear about whether or not you tip the salon owner when s/he does your hair? what do stylists have to say about this? I recently went to a new salon and stylist, and I tipped (the owner did my hair). Tomorrow I have another appt., and I dont know what to do...
There's a similar thread on tipping here: Tipping?

Might be of some help!
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I always tip no matter who it is.. they need to make a living too. And they'll be more inclined to do a good job on your hair

Edit: I think it's rude not to tip for any kind of beauty service. Unless they are absolutely horrible and you'll never go back to them.
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I tip regardless of who does my hair. The lady that owned the salon I go to passed away last year. The lady who did my hair bought out the salon, fixed it up, renamed it, and reopened. I tipped her last time she did my hair. She does an excellent job and I want her to know I appreciate it. I usually give a 20% tip for a good hairstylist.
I do. I don't care who is doing my hair as long as they do a good job. And salon owners have expenses, too--just because they own the salon doesn't mean they're raking it in. So whoever cuts my hair, if they do a good job, they get tipped.
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