How to say goodbye?

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My stylist raised prices for the 3rd time in 3 yrs.
She's a certified curly stylist but I don't get those cuts.
I just don't think I can keep paying a Grant every 6 wks.
No matter we're kinda friends, the text & KIT by Facebook kind, but don't go places together or visit.
I'm in a sticky spot. WWYD?
Oh, & a few times she's been heavy handed with the scissors. :-{

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I was in almost that exact situation, but I didn't leave because of the prices. I left because he got so comfortable with me that he apparently didn't feel the need to wow me with his cutting skills anymore. A year ago I got my last cut from him and never made another appointment. I din't say goodbye. I just left.
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not only have the prices gone up, but it sounds like she is cutting more than you want, so i'd definitely just find another stylist.
if it were the price alone i'd say to mention to her that the cost is getting hard for you. oftentimes a stylist will adjust yours to the former price.
however, if she is too heavy-handed with the scissors, it's time to go.
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Go somewhere else, there's no explanation needed. If the stylist bugs you about it, I would delete off fb - who wants a stylist like that anyway?

I've left stylists, and they've always understood as far as I know. My mom still goes to my old stylist and she always tells my mom how awesome my curly hair is (my mom has showed her my engagement pictures). I went back to another stylist I left a while ago, she holds nothing against me for finding someone else for a while. We're friends on fb, I went to high school with her. I have not hid the fact that I've visited other stylists either. But I went back, because she's the only person who gives me exactly what I ask for - even though she doesn't know a thing about curly hair. She told me to do what's best for me.

People move on, it's life.
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Coming at this as a stylist you don't need to tell her why your going. I've had clients leave and in all of my years only 2 have said they are leaving. She is used to people moving on, it's part of the business. If she does question you then its your decision to say something or not. I would never do that to a client. I always figure I wouldn't do something that I wouldn't want to have done to me. I hope you find the right person to do your hair.

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I was controlling the shortcut situation by telling her shortest of tips only. But that only works until it gets long & shaggy. Then I need a real shape up. And so starts the cycle again.
I have a potential stylist on the horizon. I'll have to travel an hour. And I might be taking chances with shortcuts there. The cuts will be a whole mess cheaper.

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