Does anyone know of any good stylists in the Lees Summit area? I don't necessarily want a "Deva cut" I just don't think I'm ready, I haven't straightened in over a year, but I like that it's an option. I'm just looking for a stylist that is familiar and competent working with curly hair, preferably one with curly hair herself and wears it curly. Just doing some googling I came across a stylist named Megan at Innovations salon and spa, anyone go to her?
medium-high density, normal porosity/ high at ends, medium width, normal elasticity, color-treated, unsure of curl type
CW: suave naturals\ as I am coconut cowash
LP: giavanni tttt
RO: gvp cb
LI: gvp cb & sm c&s milk or KCKT
Styler: econatural curling cocktail or KCCC
Gel: LALSG \ LOTD aloe gel
SOTC: grapeseed oil \ argan oil