Woe! Hair cut leaves flips at hair ends instead of waves/curls...

I'm lucky enough to have two licensed/practiced stylists in the family. They give great, precise cuts and check their work prodigiously, the only problem is they don't know how to cut waves/curls (although they say they do.)

I wear glasses and am vision-less without them. Additionally, I have a lot of pain in my back/neck as well as severe photosensitive lupus, so I spend a lot of time just getting through the pain when I'm having a haircut.

I'm really grateful for the cut I just received, but it's frustrating. Instead of knowing how to cut waves/curls dry to see their shape, it was more a matter of cutting for length and shape overall. The result? Before you can put your glasses on you hear, "Hey! You have a flip!" a lot. I don't want a flip anywhere, but now I've a head-full of about 1 1/4" flips sticking straight out of my head at the end of the strands. I've heard, "You have to train it." and "It only looks that way b/c we scrunched it...."


I don't know anyone in the area who can cut waves/curls. I hate the thought of having to go shorter (even though these flips don't add length, I've visions of going from collar-length hair to something tragically shorter.)

Is there *anyone* who knows of a youtube video, something, that'd give a quick tutorial on how *not* to turn waves/curls into something that makes me feel like a little Dutch girl? Please? Something on *where* to cut hair along the curl?

I'm thinking I have one of 2 choices right now, grow it out and be sadly disappointed for the next month or two until I can have it cut where the curl *should* break, or...have it cut where the curl should break *now* and suffer the shortness. (I just keep tucking it behind my head so I don't have to look at it too much.)

*And* I have to do this all in a way that doesn't hurt anyone's feeling. (sigh)

Thanks so much!
it's your hair, your life, don't worry about their feelings. blame it on your 'difficult' hair if you have to. our hair is the first thing people notice about us and if our hair looks good, it's a good start to our day.
there is a dvd with the 2009 edition of "the curly girl" book by lorraine massey. some public libraries carry it, amazon sells it, bookstores. the most it will cost is $10, you can probably get it for less. in the dvd she demonstrates how to cut curls/waves. it's also explained in the book.
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