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Did you see my post just above yours about Gloria? She could probably squeeze you in soon and she's very central a few minutes off of the 163 either the Genesse or College Mesa exit.

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Did you see my post just above yours about Gloria? She could probably squeeze you in soon and she's very central a few minutes off of the 163 either the Genesse or College Mesa exit.
Originally Posted by slivola

I'm just seeing your post and now I realize Gloria is a bit closer than I thought! I might just give her a call, thanks

Although my appointment with Kendall is just a few days away...hmm at least I have options.

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Originally Posted by SpiralSpunk
So, did you get your haircut with Kendall? If so, how do you like it?
I went for a consult with her and almost went with her a few haircuts back but then found Jennifer Sparano, who I'm happy with.
Honestly, I thought Kendall seemed like she'd do very well but when I found out she charged extra for longer hair, I decided to keep looking.
Does anybody have any recommendations for North County San Diego? I don't have time to read this entire thread (my two kids are both MELTING DOWN right now, but I'm DESPERATE for help!) but the reviews I did see from people were for stylists that are awfully far from where I live (Oceanside, not far from base). I'm willing to travel 30 min or so, but the catch is that I need an appointment in the next few weeks (I read tons of reviews and found someone I wanted to try ... but they don't have an appointment I could make it to until mid-September, and I really wanted a cut before I go on a vacation with my hubby at the beginning of September!) SO, can anyone help me??
Originally Posted by Kenner82
I just wanted to follow up with everyone and say that I searched for a Deva stylist and found a few, but I ended up going with Teresa Larkin - she works at a few different salons but I've gone to her twice at the Tiger Tail Salon in Carlsbad. I'm so in love with her She is warm and kind and incredibly helpful - she seems completely focused on making her clients feel comfortable and happy with their hair, no matter what. She has spent a ton of time showing me how to style and care for my hair, and has even sent me home with clips and small bottles of product to try and instructions to get in touch with her if I have any questions about using them or if I don't like the way my hair looks when I've styled it myself. A few of the Deva stylists I looked into were way out of my budget (over $100 for a haircut) and my cuts with Teresa have been in the $50-60 range (I believe she charges by length, but at my last visit my hair was down to the middle of my back, so, pretty long!) My hair has been absolutely transformed and I couldn't be more pleased with the results and my experiences there At my previous salon the cuts were a bit more expensive, but they seemed more focused on getting me in and out of the chair and giving me the basic haircut experience. With Teresa I've felt totally pampered and left looking lovely, and as a mom of two little kids, that is something I want when I finally have time for a haircut

So if anybody else is looking for a curly haired stylist in North County SD, I'd totally recommend her I searched and saw someone a few years back didn't think Teresa was experienced enough to go to for a haircut, but, at least at this point, I totally disagree and couldn't recommend her highly enough
Thanks for the recommendation of Teresa, Kenner82! I'm in Carlsbad, so I will definitely look into her!

I've been going to my former stylist and she cuts my hair dry, but I prefer the actual Deva cuts, and so decided to go back to Vickie at Curls on Top. (I have an appt. scheduled in two weeks.) I love Vickie's cuts, but they are so darn spendy and it's an hour drive each way for me!
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Evening San Diego curly's

Has anyone been to Tammy at Bella Donna's in Ocean Beach? A coworker goes to her and likes her, but was wondering if anyone else has been to her??

Hi all,

I've been on a quest since Beverly moved to Sacramento--she always did the BEST job on my curls.

Every Deva stylist I have been to has not done well with my hair. I've tried Suzanne, Kendall and Keiffer. I finally thought I'd hit the jackpot with Sondra (I live in Alpine), but she was so hesitant to actually CUT when I wanted to go shorter that I ended up going to Keiffer at Fox and Jane.

I so, SO wanted to like him, but that really was the worst cut I've ever gotten!

Anyway, out of desperation I called Gloria Sandoval-Hines and she was kind enough to take me on! What a lovely woman and a totally relaxed atmosphere!

Gloria did indicate that it would take a couple of trims to get me back where I want to be, so that is a bummer, but she was able to repair about 50-70% of the butchering that Keiffer did. And for a very reasonable price!
Hi ladies,

Im new to San Diego, northpark specifically, and need to fjnd a new stylist. Since my hair is wavy I never really went to a curly hair specialist before, buy am considering it bc ive never really found the right protocol for my hair. I sort of wing it and some days its great other days its bad.

I have short, chin length hair that is thin but I have a lot of it. Its usually very pily but also dry. I came across this post and was considering trying Gloria. Still recs for her? Whats her info?

...however, I find that Yelp is completely unreliable. I carefully read up on the reviews on Alfy or some name similar at a salon in Mission Hills. Same idea that her family must have wrote the ratings. I tried twice to add my review to warn others, and both times, Yelp pulled it. I didn't use any foul language or anything such, but just honest feedback.
(Yelp also pulled my negative review on a chiropractor who wanted to sign me up for a package deal for thousands of dollars. The doctor must have told them that I was never his patient, except that I DID see him, just didn't sign up for life. So Yelp pulled it, took his word, ...
I've heard nothing but glowing reviews from this place

Me My Curls and I

I considered going to Suzanne before moving from SD to Seattle but never got the chance.
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