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I have an appt with Joy tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell!! LOL.. Her last review wasn't that great, but the other reviews were stellar. I'm African American with 3b/3C hair so when I read other posts from AA women, I was relieved a little.

But I will definitely let you guys know if I like it or not.. I'm getting it shaped to keep the length and grow it out like Sophina Brown (Nmbrs/Shark)
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I'm bumping this thread. I'm going to get my first devacut from April at South Mane soon!

Also my friend is cutting off her long hair to donate it, and she's getting her hair cut there too. Wish us luck

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I have been wanting to try a curly cut specialist too -- Charlotte is the first place I've lived with any amount of humidity (lived in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas before moving here), and at age 37 my hair is starting to do things it never has before.

Today's LivingSocial deal is for Blis (in the S Charlotte/ Rea Rd area), which has Ouidad-trained stylists.

It's only for new customers, but you can get $120 of salon services for $59 or $60 of salon services for $29. I'm way overdue for a cut because I've been trying to find a place that would specialize in curls.. thank goodness I found this forum, and with today's deal I'm going to go for it.

You can check out the LivingSocial deal at Charlotte 1-Day Deals and Blis Salon at Home - Blis Salon in Charlotte, NC.


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I just got home from my second cut with Joy at Joyfully Curly. I really like her and the way she cuts my hair. Very knowledgable and explains every step as she goes.
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Originally Posted by CurlyKatie View Post
I know there are a few people on this site who live in or around the Charlotte area. I saw a thread not too long ago (which I can't now find) where someone said they would pm another user with the name of her stylist in Charlotte.

I'm from the Asheville area, (not too far i dont think) If all else fails I can give you my stylist?
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Sorry this is going to be a bit lengthy. I also live close to the Charlotte area. I've been a member here for awhile, kind of lurking around reading the forums and reading about products and I believe I did two or three reviews but I've never posted a question or answer...yet. I'm curious to know how some of you liked the stylists you said you were going to go to? I personally have had 3 or 4 Ouidad cuts and 2 Deva cuts since 2006. Alot really depends on the stylist I've discovered. The Ouidad cuts I had were at Blis Salon 2 times at their Pineville location where I had Nicole carve & slice my hair. Then they opened one in the Steele Creek area called Alter Image and before I moved to PA I went there 1 time and had the owner Jennifer carve and slice my hair. The Ouidad cut is done when the hair is wet and seems to take out more of the bulk out and get rid of the pyramid look. I loved Nicole's cut but was not thrilled with Jennifer's. She "thinned" my hair out too much. It grew out great and styling was a cinch.

After that I moved. While I lived in PA for one year I couldn't find a Ouidad salon close by so I discovered the Devachan method and found a salon nearby. Wow, shock! The owner who had a great reputation, dry cut my hair that made no sense to me and she cut it way too short (collar bone length dry)! I have to admit It felt great and healthy. The owner told me to come back after I washed and styled it if I needed some spots fixed. Why the heck would I want to have to do that? And there WERE some uneven spots in the length (which I ended up cutting), my curls don't always do the same exact thing everytime I wash and style it. But, I wound up going back in 3 months for a trim and got another stylist and she butchered my hair. Chunks seemed to be taken out at my neckline and very short at the crown where I couldn't put my hair in a ponytail. My hair on top tends to get super curly when cut short and I swear I had horns! So my Deva experience was not a good one especially by the 2nd stylist.

I am now desperately in need of a cut and have been back in NC for almost 2 years now. I went to Nicole for a Ouidad cut last October at $105 a pop. I can't say I was super excited, my hair felt great and healthy and looked great but I have a few issues she didn't address properly. So now I actually have an appointment with April Walker in Cornelius who used to work at South Mane in Lake Norman (she relocated). She has a great reputation on here and I actually saw someone who she had just recently dry cut. Her hair looked great! So I'm scared but scheduled to go April 24th. I do plan on discussing with her my experiences and my fears and considering just getting a regular 'ole wet cut with some layering in there. We shall see. I'll report back.

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Originally Posted by CurlyKatie View Post
If any of the people from that thread happen to see this, please let me know. I would appreciate it very much!!

Thanks in advance. - Katie

I go to a great stylist not far from where you are!!
~A proud 2c who is so thankful to have stumbled across this site over a year ago!
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