DevaStylist in Vail Valley, Colorado

I live in Gypsum, Colorado and am looking for a DEVAstylist to do my hair. Anyone know of any?

Love CurlyCara
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I don't know where Gypsum is, but I live in Denver and go to Erik at Scarlet Salon. He is amazing...He cuts each curl individually and cuts your hair dry ( he mists with lavender water). He is the one that introduced me to the CG method. I've been seeing him since July '09 and have always been very happy with my cuts.
I live in Denver also, kinda far from Gypsum, but, I go to Ricky Bell at Sola Salon. He is awesome!! He also works out of Fixx in Boulder. HTH
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Cynrey, Do you know how to get a hold of Ricky now? I'm coming back to CO (from CA) for my wedding and am hoping to get a hold of him but the last number I had for him isn't working. THANK YOU!!

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