In Ohio--need help!

Hi. I am new here and have been enjoying reading all the threads! I have decided I have 3b curls. I didn't realize that naturally curly hair was so difficult to cut until my hairdresser quit My hair is about 4 inches past my shoulders and to get fullness, the next hairdresser at a fancy, high-dollar salon did major layering of the hair that begins below my ears (don't know what that is called) to get fullness. Not only did she layer this out once, but twice! UGH! Of course, at that time, I thought she was the expert and had no idea this was not good for curly hair and that I need all the hair I have down there for fullness! I had to have it cut short. Now, it has grown out again, but my problem now is layering the upper layers! I have tried several stylists and been disappointed. Right now I feel like I have dog-ears. The hair layers down to my chin and then it seems like there are virtually no layers after that. I take a long time trying to incorporate the "ears" into the rest of my hair. When it is wet and I pick through it, there is a definite end to the upper layers, then the long hair from the nape of my neck has all the length. I have conveyed this to my current hairdresser, but she just doesn't get it. But now I am confused, I don't want to layer out the bottom too much and end up where I was before--having to start over with short hair--but this just isn't working. Would the 45* advice work here, or do I just need to research and find someone experienced. I don't know much about hair and would be happy to leave it up to the professionals if I could find someone who knew what they are doing. Only problem is I live in a small town in Ohio. Anyone know a great stylist I could drive to in Columbus? Thanks for ANY help!!! Sorry such a long post!
Hi there!

I'm in Columbus, Ohio. I don't know if you've been to the Salon Review section over on the main page, but they show salons that have at least one curly stylist on hand. I've been to a few places, but am about to head back to the person I'm about to highly recommend: Mindi at Akada. I went to her about four years ago and "discovered" my curls (2a top and 2 b bottom...but you wouldn't know it now from the last three hair styles I've gotten from *other* stylists--not Mindi :-<). I went to her for a few years, but she is pretty expensive, and I had to take a break. Last I went she charged $60. This is a case, though, where I have to splurge. I definitely got value for the price of those visits with Mindi whereas my trying to pinch pennies has only caused me disappointment and lots of pulling my hair back.

Mindi just gets curly hair, and once you see her amazing faerie princess mane, you'll know why. I've tried the other listed/reviewed stylists, and while they may be able to work on others' hair, they just don't "get" mine. It sounds like you're looking for someone who can really help you find the right style, so I would suggest you give Mindi a try. But plan to wait for a few weeks to get in, like I now have to have the patience to do. I think you'll find the results well worth it.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, I hope you love the results!
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I'm a 2 in Cleveland, but I just want to say I have a cat named Smiley, too.


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