Flat iron recommendations

I used to own a Revlon hair straightener but the handle melted. I'm not sure how but I went to use it one day and the plastic was melted off. The handle was sticky and gross. I have no idea what happened to it. I need to buy a new one so I'll be considering these recommendations.
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I really want to try Rowenta and L'oreal's collaboration, the steampod. Like really really. But it's pricey. XD

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I personally own a Royale Hair Straightener, its a great product, may be you agree with me or not but i have great experience using it regular basis.
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The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools flat iron is my holy grail.
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I can serious say that I have gone through a large variety of flatirons. And, here are my opinions on all the ones that I did try:

I have bought the GHD flatiron(limited edition set- works quite well for my hair, but when or if it stops working I don't plan to buy another one, as it's too pricey), an Andis Flatiron (great drugstore flatiron that normally sells under under $30), a Solia Flatiron (I had to go over my hair several passes to get it straight-I no longer own it at this time and have no plans to re-purchase), the original CHI flatiron that comes with a fixed temperature setting (it does work well-I no longer have it at this time though), Conair Steam Flatiron (did not like at all-I don't even know if it's still being sold at all), T3 Flatiron (wasn't super impressed by it, plus it was very costly. I no longer have it and have no plans to repurchase it again). Lava Gold Flatiron (really nice flatiron which gives me great results, however the Walmart where I got it from no longer carries it-so I don't plan on hunting it down if and when it stops working on me. As, my relationship with this flatiron isn't that deep), GVP flatirons from Sally's (I prefer the ones with the adjustable temperature dial, these work great on my hair), and the last Flat Iron that I actually just recently bought was from Sally's, it's called the Chi Elite. I will say that if you don't have a lot of money to spend on a flatiron, I would go with the Andis Flatiron or one of Sally's GVP irons. If you are willing to buy a very expensive flatiron, then I recommend going with a CHI flat iron (preferably one that has an adjustable temperature setting, like the one I have) instead.
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I highly recommend XTAVA Professional Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates - (Silk Edition Black). This is available on Amazon. I had another flat iron and it was so cumbersome I threw it out.

In winter, I tend not to wear my hair curly because I don't want to re-wet it every morning, so I have been doing roller sets or using curling brushes. I want to straighten certain parts that come out too curled. This does the trick. I did a great deal of research before buying it. Check out the great reviews on Amazon.

I plan to wear my hair curly as soon as the weather changes but I'm very glad to have found this. It might be fine to straighten all my hair with it instead of doing a roller set first, but I am trying to minimize damage. That said, I haven't seen any damage from it on the parts where I've used it.

Let us know if you get it and what you think!
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