your way to straight????

i know there are some ladies here who still might give into the urge to straighten their hair so...

how do ya get straight???

what tools or products do you use?
lol i still do sometimes i just love straight hair asa it can be so mangeable...well what i do is apply a heat protecting spray and then use my babyliss straightening iron but ive heard alot of people liking john friedas 3-day straightening system that i wanna give a try
When I know I'm going to straighten my hair, I always wash and deep condition my hair the night before. Then I towel-dry and tie it into a ponytail and let it air dry until morning.

When morning comes, section my hair from bottom to top (straightening the bottom first) and I start my process.
The things I use is a fine tooth comb, a hair tie, tresemme heat tamer spray, and my chi iron. I used to use the chi iron guard, but it got too expensive for me to keep buying. XD And the tresemme one smells a lot better.
I keep my hair moisturized days before with cowashes and deep conditioning

Before: I cleanse or cowash my hair, detangle and deep condition, and while still wet and in the shower I band my hair is 4 to 5 sections and air dry overnight!

In the morning, I tension blow it out with Redken Satinwear and do the comb chase method with one pass. Takes me about 2 hrs but it gets it straight silky and no damage. I only do this 1 or 2 times a month
Low porosity 3c/4a is the best way I can describe it

Products I use:
Shampoo: SM JBCO shampoo
Cowash : DevaCurl No-poo
Conditioner: Herbal Essene Hello Hydration
Leave-in: SM JBCO Leave-in
Deep conditioner: DC Heaven in Hair / Aussie 3 min
Protein Treatments: ORS Mayonnaise
Oils/Butters: Avocado oil, Jojoba oil
I just use any deep conditioner that I like the look of in store, usually that banana organics one though. Then I straighten on the lowest or near to the lowest heat setting (around 160)

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