Hi, since a week I've decided to leave my hair curly and now I am discovering how to care my curls and which products to use.

However, for practical reasons I will straight it now and then. As protection I have purchased Redken SmoothDown Heat Glide, which I still have to try out. Since it contains cones, I have to use a low-poo with coco betaines when I wash my straightened hair.

I read that Avalon Lemon Clarifying Shampoo was sold at an local organic shop, so I am wondering what your experiences are with this product. Or maybe I will order Devacurl Low Poo if that is better for me.
If these products dry your hair too much, which low-poos for straightened hair do you recommend instead?

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Waist-length when wet, weighed-down 3b, high density, kinking hair strands
CG products work the best for me

Climate: 70-95% humidity

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie Familie
Co-wash&RO: Argan Care
LI: Andrelon Zijdeglans & Zen
Sealant: EVOO
Daily condish: Coconut Care
Pre-wash: coconut oil

: wash days, dew = 50s + 50-70% humidity
: rain, high humidity, dimethicone(?)