DIY Japanese straightening - bad idea?

Hey guys! I'm a busy college student and have been naturally curly for around 5 years now. While I love my curls, I just don't have the time/money to maintain it.

I was thinking of doing the liscio Japanese straightening method on myself. Is that a bad idea? Has anyone tried it? It seems like a relatively straightforward process, and there's no way I can spend the 600-1200 dollars some salons are asking for in my area.
I might try the sally's ion version as well, but liscio seems like much better quality.

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Please don't do it.
Maybe try cutting it instead?
I just chopped mine yesterday.
but don't damage it believe me..
So not worth it!!

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Do NOT do it! I wanted to do it when I was younger until one of my close friends did it when we were 16 at a really nice salon. It looked nice for a few days, then after she washed it, you could see how damaged her hair was. She had to keep flat ironing it to make it look acceptable and lost a lot of hair, not worth it overall. This was almost 10 years ago and she says her hair has never felt the same.

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