Good Japanese Straightening Salon in Los Angeles?

I've decided to permanently straighten my hair and I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions for good salons. I've never straightened my hair before so I'm looking for place with really experienced stylists to make sure my hair ends up looking right. I'm planning to do the YUKO Japanese straightening method and I looked in the website and saw a a bunch of salons near me but I'm having trouble picking. So does anyone in the Los Angeles area who's ever done the Japanese straightening method and had good results have any suggestions for salons and stylists?
Well, I'm in the UK so can't help you on the salon-finding front BUT I had the Yuko thing done to my hair every year for years and years.

I had good results - it really does make your hair pin-straight and silky. Takes a while to do though (and stinks so badly of egg haha), but yeah the results are really good.

I also don't think it was that damaging. I think I wrecked my hair more from straightening it with flat irons all the time, than from the Yuko.
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