Hair Wrapping - 3b Curls

Ive been experimenting with hair wrapping on and off for a few years now as a method of straightening my hair without heat. Im eastern european, with fine, highly porous, 3b hair. I have been curly for almost a year now, use only the shea moisture line and natural oils for my hair. Its so much healthier now than it used to be, but I like the idea of being able to straighten my hair without heat when I want more variety in the way I wear my hair.

I used to live in NY and first saw hair wrapping at a dominican salon where I used to get my hair cut. My hair "sets" to styles pretty easily so I figured I'd give it a shot. I've been wrapping it after I wash- I gently brush it while wet, and wrap sections around my head, keeping it in place with bobby pins. Then I sleep on it, and brush it out gently in the morning. Overnight it shifts a little, and I get some dents in it and bobby pin marks, but they usually smooth out if I wear it in a bun for a little bit. My hair is still a little poofy but I would still classify it as straight/wavy. It's definitely not "flat iron straight" after, but Im not a fan of that look anyway.

Does anyone else do this to smooth their hair? If so, do you have any tips? Especially to keep the dents at bay during the night? How can I wrap a cute scarf around it so my boyfriend doesnt make fun of me when he sees me with a turbie twist on my head at night :P I tried to use scarves before but they just slip off my head at night and my whole wrap gets messed up.

Do you think this is bad for my hair? IMO, no heat/chemical straightening is fine; however Im concerned about the brushing. My hair is already fine and I dont want it thin out more. Doing the CG method made me more aware of how gently I should really be treating my hair, and I cringe now at the years of blowing it out and numerous dye jobs I used to do.
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I used to do this but not any more. Dry it during the day under a hooded dryer (indirect heat). Each night you wrap, it gets smoother.So the 2nd day is better. It is a good option to master as an alternative. Options are good right?

My hair is a little too long to do this comfortably now. So this is what I do now for sexy smooth tresses!

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I wrapped my own hair last night! It looks nice and I can appreciate my length! I did it with dry hair and a bristle brush. I have used a stocking as a cap before to get a really smooth flat wrap. Then you have to put a satin scarf or bonnet on top of that to keep it from shifting. To avoid creases, you simply remove the clips or hairpins once the scarf is on. See videos below There are a lot of videos on youtube about it but like anything it is a skill and you will have to practice to be able to brush your hair smoothly and hold it long enough to put a cap on. Now that I've done it again thanks to your question, I remember what I LOVED about it!

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