OK I recently relaxed my hair Sunday after going natrual for about a year considering at first I had over processed my hair and all relaxed hair fell out so I relaxed my hair on my virgin hair , I used creme of nature straight from eden relaxer and I figured it would help my hair not be damaged but when I washed out the relaxer I noticed the middle to the back is really frizzy and still not really easy to comb (I had more then one hair texture in my hair ) so the back is straight (was like already kind of straight naturally ) but the top is the curlyest and most frizzy basically . But on the good side my hair is still thick, didn't fall out and appears healthy but another problem now besides the horrible under processed hair is that the under processed hair is the dryest part of my hair I put in hair moisturizer that worked good for my natural hair but once my under processed part of my hair dries it stays dry still . I plan on doing an corrective relaxer but only after a certain amount of time passes like 6 weeks to about a month considering it won't get moisturized and I don't want breakage so I'll protein treatment it after it and about 2 weeks before too . But my questions are how long should I wait ? Why is the under processed hair the driest? What do I do about it? Etc