Brazilian Keratin Treatment Questions!?!

Okay, well I have 3b hair, it's frizzy all the time and poofy. I absouloutly LOVE my hair when it's wet, it's really pretty and it stays down, but when it dries... It's a disaster.

So, I'm looking into the BKT and I wanna know what you think of it? I honestly don't wanna ruin my hair forever, but I'm willing to take the risk if it'll mean making my hair pretty.

Does it make your hair fried? Err what does it do?
Would you recommend it?
Pros and Cons?

Please don't skip, thanks!!

I havent done it but there is a lot of info online about it. It is chemicals so its not the best for hair at all. The thing about these treatments is that they only last 6 months I believe, so you have to keep doing them and being exposed to those chemicals over and over cant be good.
I was thinking of doing it but decided against it. Plus its expensive.

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I've already read that. I want some personal detailss.
i had the BKT done.. i absolutely LOVED my hair.. it was really smooth and straight.. (although it stunk). to me it was well worth the money. I didn't have fully natural hair before i did it though. my ends had relaxer, the middle was texturized and the roots were new growth.. but it had the overall same effect all around. i had mine done in miami at a salon on collins avenue. the lady didn't really seem like she had done many treatments before, but i would go back to her because i liked it.

my natural hair is supposed to be like 3a or b (gathered from my mother)

*all the pictures i added are pictures from the first week (during which i couldn't put any hair clips,ties etc in)
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I just had the bKT done yesterday and my hair looks greaaat. Its permanently colored the same day and it looks soo shiny and feels very soft. Also i am growing out a relaxer. I highly reccomend it. hair type 3a/b

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