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Hi ladies....I want to start relaxing my own hair. I have learnt so much about the dos nd donts of relaxing and I think my hair has suffered over the years because of my stylist's techniques. In fact, I'm SURE of it. She's been putting the relaxer not just on my new growth, but also on the already relaxed hair! She's a wonderful woman and I like her, but I cant let my hair continue to suffer. After 4 months of stretching my relaxer, properly caring for my hair and achieving a nice amount of growth, I want to keep it, so I need to make sure only the virgin hair is being processed.

Can you give me some tips on how to relax at home? How do I apply the relaxer...especially at the back and middle which is harder to get to?
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i've never relaxed, but i'd suggest having someone help you. that way they can get the middle and back, and in places you can't reach.

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ITA! Have someone help you...cause although you may do fine on the front and sides (where you can see), the middle and back is where you may end up overlapping (where you can't see)!

Have them part your hair in 4 sections, and relax the back and middle first, the front and sides last (my hair dresser said that the front gets done the quickest due to heat from your scalp???)

Happy relaxing!!
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Find a really good relaxer. I used to use Motions and it was pretty gentle on my hair. I had researched and was going to try PhytoSpecific - Phytorelaxer when I decided to stop relaxing. Its a little more expensive and you would prolly have to order it from somewhere. Hairboutique.com has some reader reviews on it in their shoping area. I cant remember where else I used to read reviews about it at. Its not cheap but its a good brand, Ive used some of their conditioners before.. very nice but out of my budget.

And yeah have someone that knows what they are doing help you. It helps out big time with getting it straight and not overlapping. I trained my mom to help me LOL
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