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Default loosening curls... any ideas?

im a 3A ontop and a 3B underneith and i am seriously thinking about using a relaxer of some type to loosen my curls so they are easier to manage. i would like to get wavy curls like a 2B. Does anyone have any ideas or products that they have used? thanks so much
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I'm waiting for this to arrive in the mail. I'm going to attempt to try this on my daughters thick 3b/c hair. It's gotten good reviews!
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the relaxer will not make it more managable
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thank you guys so much and i understand that it will not nessicarily make my hair more manageable but im just hoping for less curl and more wave
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try "weight a minute" from the cg book. You just hang a clip on your curls while they dry.
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Default re loosening curls

I had 3b-3a hair and about a 6 weeks ago I had it relaxed (the salon used a product by Matrix). It's basically the first half of a japanese straightening type of process. In the full straightening they put the chemicals in your hair and then use a flat iron. I had them just put the chemicals in, no flat iron. The result was loose wavy curls (though it was really straight at first and took about 3 weeks to reach its full curliness). I still style my hair the same way and it still frizzes up if I don't treat it properly, but I do have the nice loose curls I hoped for.
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I just recently texturized my hair with Silk Elements texturizer. My hair was very ringlet and I had major shinkage. I wanted to loose my curls. It turn out awful. I only put it on the pony tail part of my hair because my roots are naturally wavey. I was hoping to get wavey hair on the ends. Well my ends turn out too straight. I left it on for 5-10 minutes. My hair is thicker in the back then on the side. The side turned out pretty good because I did that part last and it was only on my hair about 5 mintues. The back middle part of my hair is now wavey and straight and some what bushy. My hair look awful when wet because it look stringy on the ends like when you are growing out a relaxer. Now I have to braid my hair all the time when it is wet, so that my hair will look the same all over. It has only been four days since I straighten and I was hoping when I wash it it will look better. Not. I am going to leave it a lone and gradually cut the straight parts off. I have a friend that texturized her hair with the Phyto relaxer and her hair turned out great. Her hair is 3b/c and the Phyto relaxer did not take the curls out but loosen it. I think she just comb the relaxer through and rinse immediately instead of letting it sit. So my advice get a professional to do it, if you must have it texturized. By the way my hair is still soft and moisturized. The relaxer did not dry my hair out and I do not have any breakage. I just miss my ringlets. See you can never be satisfied, at least not me.
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New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener
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Originally Posted by nappymd
New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener
Have you tried this NappyMD?
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A few times a year I "spot relax" a very very tight, dry, kinky section of hair in the middle of my hair. I use an at home relaxer and only leave it on THAT area for a few minutes. WORKS GREAT!! It gives me a more uniform curl pattern and loosens that tightness right up. Hope that helps.
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Default Naturalaxer

I have the same issue.

I would love to loosen my curls and make my blow dried hair stay longer.

There is a lot about Naturalaxer on the internet.

Has anyone tried it?
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