How to wrap hair straight?

I have 3b, very curly hair. How do I go about wrapping it/using rollers to make it straight? I've looked online at how to's and such but most videos are with african american textured hair, which I don't have. Can anyone who doesn't have african american hair but has it super curly tell me their technique? I don't want to damage my hair.
The way we used to do it is to smoothly comb
wet hair all up into a high ponytail and then comb the ponytail smooth, wrap it around a tin can with both ends cut out, bobby pin in place, and let it dry over night. you can wear a headband or scarf to keep your edges smooth. We use to use Dippity Do but you can use some other mousse or gel.
Another way is to comb each section smooth, and set it on really big velcro rollers.This won't end up being pin straight, but the diameter of the curl will be bigger.

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