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Hey guys!

I'm about one-year post big chop and I think I have protein sensitive hair because it feels dry and rough to the touch. Currently these are the products I use:

Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine

Creme of Nature Deep Conditioner

Cantu Shea Butter
Creme of Nature Butterlicious Curls


I'm looking for protein-free products in Canada to use and it seems like such a mission Currently though, these are the products I'm looking into purchasing:

Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo (Not sure where to purchase this in GTA Ontario)

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

Giovanni Leave-in (Not sure where to purchase this in GTA Ontario)

Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions of possible products I can use/try and where I can purchase it? Thank you
Hmm, well the tresume naturals conditioners are protein free, at least the moisture one is. I've noticed that protein free shampoos are difficult to find for some reason. Maybe look through the ingredients of some hair products on iherb, they have good shipping prices to Canada. They carry the Kinky Curly products which are protein free as well. I like the Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha gel, it's protein and humectant free, especially good in winter. Aveyou sells Curl Junkie and a number of other curly brands and they have a store front on with fifteen dollars flat rate for shipping I think. It also doesn't hurt to check health food stores, especially for shampoos and conditioners.
2c/3a, dense, fairly coarse, normal porosity and elasticity, just below shoulder
Low poo: Giovanni 50 50, Live Clean green earth
Co-wash: down under naturals, tresume naturals
R O: Tresume Naturals
Stylers: cjccccl, cjpp, re : coil, kccc, brhg
Oils: coconut, argan

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