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Does anyone do hot oil treatments more than 1x a week with olive oil, then rinse, and spray with infusium 23 for fine hair? If you are a 3b do you find that this makes your hair stronger, and avoid a lot of shrinkage? I find that this is working really well for me? I can't wait to seek the condition of my hair in one year. For now I am really pleased with this part of my regime. Now I avoid water based conditioners like the plague, (being AA and all)
Sorry, I forgot to ask if anyone has the book, Mr. John's Holistic Care for Black hair/or Black Women Growing Their Hair Beyond Their Shoulders to swap for---- or to sell? new to site. sorry for the mixup!If you do could you email me a
Why do you avoid water based conditioners? I'm a 4b/4a, and I've found the best thing for your hair is moisture, and water = moisture. Granted, some conditioners with a watery consistency are better than others (Infusium 23 made my hair hard and dry, but Creme of Nature's Herba Rich Leave In Restructurizing Treatment works wonders), but water is nature's moisturizer.

Is the water hard (lots of minerals) where you are? I love the soft water here in Vancouver.
To clarify: water based conditioners that contain alcohol or silicones make my hair stiff and brittle and crunchy and gives me mega shrinkage! I rinse my hair just about every nite so I get a lot of moisture from water. The oils I use seal in the moisture. My hair is healthy, growing, and my ends are terrific. The one commercial conditioner that I really like is Infusium 23 for fine hair but if I did not deep condition with oils, the infusium would not prevent my hair from drying out.I'm 3b and oil really nurtures my hair and helps me to continue accumulating length..
I am new to the natural curl thing and I am trying to grow out my hair after cutting all the relaxer out, but I have been using leave in condidtioner or oil moisterizer spray and protein styling gel then letting it air dry which cuts down on the frizz also I shampoo every two or three days and rinse every day to avoid build up. anyone out there have any thing better? also a friend sugested prenatel vitamines and horsetail to help the growth thoughts?
I just thought I would suggest that you post your questions on the main boad cause you will get alot more feedback.

I cannot use any of the infusium product cause they make my hair feel horrible and they contain Dimethicone and I cannot use any products that contain cones of any kind. I try to avoid alcohol too.

I am with likorish on the waterbased conditioners, they are the best thing for my hair.


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