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Default Curl Junkie, Curls, Giovanni DGLI to sell/swap

I’ve the following products to sell/swap:

1. Curl Junkie Aloe Fix Hair Styling Gel – 16 oz/480 ml: 80% left
2. Curls Godess Glaze : 6 oz/180 ml : 80 % left
3. Giovanni Direct Leave-in: 8,5 oz/240 ml: 95% left
4. Devacurl Angell – 8,5 oz/240 ml : full (never used)

Don’t hesitate to PM me if you’re interested…. Thanks
3B-A, colored, med texture-density, High porosity

DT: AOHRS - CJHBDF - Mixed Chicks
Loo-Poo 2/week: Eluence volume,YTT-YTC poo, Co-wash 2/week: Suave Tropical - V05 Strawberries (water wash the rest)
Conditioner: Mop Top, Toe Shea, AOHRS, AOGBP
Leave-in:KCKT , Darcy Peach Kernel, Aloeba,YTT/YTC co,Christine Grant LI
Stylers: KCCC, CJ CCC, DMMC, Mixed Chiks, BB Jellie Creme, HESMU, Mop Top gel, HPO curling pudding

Fotki:http://public.fotki.com/zenalla1/ (updated in June 2010)
PW: mixedcurly
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