Hi, I'm moving house soon so I'm having a clearout of products I don't really use or which never worked for me. I have the following for sale to UK curlies only (includes P&P)

DevaCare Arc Angel 946ml/32oz 90% full 20
Ouidad Playcurl Amplifying Foam 237ml/8oz 90% full 15
CRN Curl Maker 355ml/12oz 90% full 18
UFD Curl Magic Curl Stimulator 532ml/18oz 95% full 20
Jessicurl Spiralicious 237ml/8oz 90% full 10
Jessicurl Confident Coils 237ml/8oz 90% full 10
Curl Keeper Gel 240ml/8oz 95% full 10

PM me if you are interested!
3 ab Baby fine, Low density, high porosity, naturally pale blonde but growing out dark brown dye! And a UK Curly Girl
No/Low Poo: CJ Daily Fix, Palmers Cowash, Deva Decadence
LI: CJ Smoothing Lotion
RO: Deva Decadence

DT/PT: CJ Repair Me!, CJ Curl Rehab, Hask Keratin, SM FF
Stylers: CJ CIAB, Supercream, LP Curl mousse, SM FF mousse

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